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Hygienic humidification for a healthier home.

Even, whole-room humidification.

Some humidifiers have weak projection, so they can only hydrate small areas. But with patented Air Multiplier™ humidifier technology, the Dyson humidifier projects hydrated mist throughout the whole room.

Moisturise while you sleep.

With the Dyson humidifier, we've engineered a machine that hydrates air evenly, hygienically and quietly – all night long. Helping your skin to retain its natural moisture, while you sleep.

Automatically monitors, and humidifies.

With intelligent climate control, the Dyson humidifier precisely monitors temperature and humidity. And in auto mode, the level of humidity is adjusted automatically – to maintain a comfortable, hygienic environment, at the touch of a button.

Dual function for year-round use.

The Dyson humidifier projects a cool mist, for hygienic, even humidification all year round. With high-velocity air to cool you in summer.



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