Power and performance.Perfectly balanced.

Versatile cleaning on all floor types.

Powerful suction, to pick up dirt and debris from surfaces all around your home.

Picks itself up, as well as the dirt.

With a low centre of gravity inside the ball, the Dyson Big Ball™ cylinder vacuum picks itself up if it gets knocked over. Which makes it easy to manoeuvre around your home.

No need to touch the dirt.

The hygienic bin emptying system drives out dust and debris in one action, so you don't have to touch it.

Reach everywhere.

The wand articulates 360° to give you greater control. And with a long reach, you can clean here, there and everywhere.

Deep cleans all floor types.

The turbine brush bar has anti-static carbon fibre filaments to pick up fine dust from hard floors, and stiff nylon brushes to remove ground-in dirt from carpets.

Seals in suction on all floor types.

The dual mode cleaner head is adjustable, to remove dust and dirt from all floor types.