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Discover Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers.

The fastest, most hygienic hand dryers. With HEPA-filtered air.


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Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers can help you save on costs, washroom space, CO₂ and mess.

"Dyson Airbladeᵀᴹ hand dryers contribute to our carbon reduction target, something that is extremely important for the university and our students."

Julien Dixon Senior Project Manager, Queen Mary University of London
  • Wash and dry hands at the sink

  • Free your washroom walls

  • 12-second dry time

  • 10-second dry time

  • Tough, durable ABS polycarbonate

  • 3.3g CO2 per dry*

  • 35% quieter than our previous model1

  • Just $31 per year*

  • Frees up washroom space


Dyson technology. Better for your business.

  • 10-12 second dry time
  • Most hygienic, with HEPA filters
  • Costs up to 68% less to run than other hand dryers*
  • Produces up to 79% less CO₂ than other hand dryers*

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1Loudness reduction compared to the original Dyson Airblade V hand dryer.

*See our calculations.